1936 Ford Flatbed Pickup

         1936 Ford tan flatbed pickup, drivable through superadaptor by Terry Stormont and image by whecsailor
         with custom interior by Monkeywrench Models.


1959 Willys Wrecked Pickup

         Wrecked vesion of Kent Carter's brown 1959 willys flatbed pick-up.
         Can be used as hidden camera to watch trains if set close to the tracks. 


1936 Chevy Touring Sedan

High detail replica of Kent Carter's 1936 Chevy Touring Sedan as he re-built it in 1987.
Comes with high detail Ford 351 Cleveland engine with tunnel ram manifold and dual Holey four barrel carberator induction.


$5.00 US
Under Construction

1959 Willys Pickup

Kent Carter's brown 1959 willys flatbed pick-up as it was when he left his ranch in Oregon to go to Romania.



$3.00 US
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