Complete Pack
$10.00 US

Pack includes

Single Lane and Double Lane Asphalt Surfaces
Single, Double, and Four Lane Bridges.
Guard Rail Spline.
Single and Double Lane Bridge Spanners.
Left, right and two way exit sections.
A special Interstate Termination Spanner.

Setup Intructions

Surfaces used for making connections between bridge sections and differing lane combinations or can be used alone at ground level.

Bridge Splines support elevated roadway and exit lanes with guard rails.

Bridge Spanners extend support to cross over another roadway up to two lanes or Urban Streets with sidewalks.

Exit Sections support branching lane for left, right and two way exits fron one and two lane bridge splines.

Interstate Termination Spanner with center divider and guard rails to connect elevated four lane roadway spline to double lane spline when beginning or ending an expressway. Can also be used at ground level.

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