Pack includes skid log pickup and drop industries, two loading platforms, two loaders, four skidders,
a special driver for the cage skidder to let you see the skidder's tires,
a variety of skid logs and log loads, and all dependancies to complete the operation.
*******Not included is the free caterpiller motor which can be down-loaded {HERE}*******

Setup Intructions


Add skidder Cab, Carrage and log Grapples in order; except for Cage Skidder you need to add Skidder operator between Cab and Carrage to have interior view which you click on flag to see. Same with D8 Crawler, add log Grapples to rear or just tow the giant log dolly behind. For the log dolly, add the dolly section and carrage section togeather to make the complete unit.


This is a two part set. Position Receiving and Dispatch Platforms side by side and set for loads you want to transfer for each through scripting; or you can use only one next to another asset as a dock for that industry. pay attention to the Arrows for conntection. The Receiving Platform is a dead end only meant to drive up to for loading, the Dispatch platform is drive through for transfer to trucks or traincars.

Complete Pack
$25.00 US
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